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Active Release Technique® or A.R.T®...
  A.R.T.® provides a way to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of injuries, repetitive strains/sprains, and nerve entrapment disorders. Our chiropractors use this hands-on therapy to release adhesions (scar tissue) formed due to improper biomechanics, injury or unbalanced muscle function within a muscle, nerve, or other connective tissue. A.R.T® can also be used to treat burning, tingling, and/or numbness if the cause is due to a soft tissue injury.
Many professional athletes have used this to expedite recovery and maintain optimum performance, so if you think you've "tried everything"; you probably haven't tried A.R.T®!
A.R.T ® is a great solution for many restricted ranges of motion, Cumulative Traumas, any muscle, nerve or connective tissue problem and much more. The technique is extremely specific in diagnosis and treatment of individual muscle components. Each A.R.T® protocol focuses on exact function and motion of structure, based on experienced touch and feel of tissue quality by certified practitioners. Active motion, where the patient engages the muscle through its own full range, is used as often as possible to engage all firing patterns of the muscle. Reproduction and Release of symptoms is generally a good sign that the correct problem is being addressed.
With proper Active Release Techniques® treatment, results are generally noticed with the first treatment. It is common that patients feel 50-80% resolution within the first 4 visits. Complete resolution on average, within 6-8 visits.