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 (prices subject to change without notice, updated as of Jan 1 2018)
Treatment by Dr. Patel (Active Release, Chiropractic, IMS/dry needling, Acupuncture, Rehab)
New patient visit:                                All new clients $100.00
                                                           Infant to Children under 10 no charge
Regular (15-20 min) visit                   REGULAR adult client $65.00
                                                          Senior (65+), Full-time Students (ID required), Expectant mothers (until 6 month post partum) or Children 10-17 years old  $55.00
                                                          Infant to Children under 10 no charge
WCB and Motor Vehicle Accidents patients follow a separate fee guide, generally billed directly to insurance companies, both of which Dr. Patel is authorized to treat.  
Massage (Scott, Kendra, Shannon)
30 minute  $65.00
45 minute  $80.00
60 minute $95.00-$100.00
60 minute (senior, full time students) $85.00* Scott only
90 minute $135.00
Hot stone (75 minute) $150.00* Kendra only
Acupuncture (Natalie)
New Patient                           Initial visit $100.00

Regular visits                        Adult treatment $85.00-$100.00
                                            Seniors (65+), Full-time students (ID required), Children under 18 and Expectant mothers $65.00
Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation $100.00