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Dr. Neetash Patel DC BSc
Dr. Patel has worked his way across the globe and has found his way back home to Calgary in 2002. Combining his dedication to health, his love for travel and passion for life, he brings a unique and dynamic perspective to helping you achieve your health goals.
Eliminating pain, restoring function and putting people back in control & maintaining their health are the mainstays of his treatment approach. He believes in learning as many things in life as possible and using them to their best advantage. Armed with knowledge from Chiropractic, Active Release, Acupuncture, nutrition, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, exercise & personal interests, Dr. Patel helps get his patients actively involved in life and their own health. A big believer in the team approach to health & wellness, he was a trailblazer, bringing the multidisciplinary clinic concept where all your health goals can be achieved to Calgary over 14 years ago.
A firm believer in living life by example, Dr. Patel has gained a reputation as a gym rat, kitchen guru and as someone who really gets the most out of life. Over the years, he has enthusiastically participated in adventure racing, triathlons and distance running completing a variety of distances in the racing world including Ironman, 50 & 80 km ultra runs and everything in-between. He donates his time and skill to many charitable events as community and world development is a priority in his life. Food, shelter, clothing, education are the hallmarks of his philanthropy.  Dr. Patel regularly contributes health & lifestyle articles for national magazines, started his own cooking school 2005 and is a published cookbook author & entrepreneur. As part of his world development commitment, he volunteers abroad annually with Habitat for Humanity; building homes & relationships in Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Malawi, Philippines and Guatemala. As a team leader, he has taken groups to Paraguay Lesotho & Indonesia; with Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago and Chile on the horizon! 
Dr. Patel is passionate about education, in all aspects of life. He currently on extended leave from post-secondary academic lecturing but continues to teach sustainable cooking & life skills to young, new parents. He is also an advisory board member for the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, board member for the TriCOPS charitable foundation and know to be a motivational speaker. "To know you have made a difference in this world and hopefully inspire others along the way to help define their own success and live it is the best way I can define my own success" says Dr. Patel.
A simple man, that just really cares about people and making the world a better place; the uncomplicated philosophy that every day is another chance to smarter, healthier, stronger and happier is his trademark.