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Massage Therapists
Kendra Weech RMT CMST (1000 hour program, 2001 Foothills College of Massage Therapy Graduate)

Kendra was trained at the Foothills College of Massage Therapy in both Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. Kendra incorporates many techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Remedial Exercises, Rehabilitation Injuries, Assessments, Hold and Relax Stretching and Gait Analysis to give you a unique, effective treatment with lasting results. With over 14 years experience,  many continued education courses and NHPC member in good standing; Kendra was grandfathered in on all insurance company claim requirements and clients are able to use their private benefits with confidence. 

Kendra is a very positive person and at the same time sensitive to her client's needs. Her ability to care for her clients, adapt to any situation and good natured humour has helped her create a long list of regular clients and referrals. Her main focus is Therapeutic treatments, Trigger Point Therapy with a 'Happy" balance between Myofascial Release and Relaxation.  She is especially talented with cervical (neck),scalp (head) and facial massage. Her continued training in other modalities such as Hot Stone Therapy, Connect the Dots Muscle, Nerves and Fascia and increased knowledge acquired over the years has helped her grow as a therapist . She is compassionate, dedicated to her clients and has great pride in her career as a health practitioner.

Scott Wilson BESS DipAT RMT AT(C)
Scott has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 18 years and a Certified Athletic Therapist for 5 years. Scott's work has focused his career in rehabilitation. With his easy going sense of humour,an uncomplicated approach to health and very skilled hands, Scott has earned himself a solid reputation as a much sought after therapist. He combines several techniques to give the very best treatment to his clients and very knowledgeable in rehab specific exercises to fix problems areas. Scott has expanded his resume by becoming part of the teaching faculty Mount Royal University since 2013.

Shannon Iwamoto RMT

Shannon's passion for injury therapy began when she helped her father get back into training for triathlons after a severe muscle strain. She uses deep tissue, frictional therapy techniques, and rehab exercises for complete treatment. Her approach is very thorough and focussed to your specific needs. Shannon also has a keen interest in the management of injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents (whiplash, low back strain, etc). While these sessions can be intense, Shannon is great at working within your tolerance. She enjoys many activities which help her connect with clients. Favourites include: yoga, running, hiking, boxing, and rock climbing.  


Shannon graduated Mount Royal University in 2010 with her RMT certification and has obtained her 2200 hour equivalency.