Neetash Patel DC BSc


Dr. Patel worked his way across the globe and found his way back home to Calgary in 2002. 

Combining his dedication to health, his love for travel and passion for life, he brings a unique and dynamic perspective in helping you achieve your health goals.

Eliminating pain, restoring function, putting people back in control and maintaining their health are the mainstays of his treatment approach. Armed with knowledge from Chiropractic, Active Release, Acupuncture, IMS, nutrition, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, exercise & personal interests, Dr. Patel helps get his patients actively involved in life and their own health. 

A firm believer in living life by example, Dr. Patel has gained a reputation as a gym rat, kitchen guru and as someone who really gets the most out of life. He has enthusiastically participated in adventure racing, Ironman and ultra distance running. He donates his time and skill to many charitable events as community and world development are a priority in his life. 

Dr. Patel regularly contributed health and lifestyle articles for national magazines, started his own cooking school 2005 and is a published cookbook author and entrepreneur. As part of his world development commitment, he leads teams abroad with Habitat for Humanity; building homes and relationships around the world. 

Dr. Patel is passionate about education in all aspects of life. He is currently on extended leave from post-secondary academic lecturing, and after almost 10 years finished teaching sustainable cooking and life skills to new teenage parents. He is also an advisory board member for the Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, board member for the TriCOPS charitable foundation and known to be a motivational speaker. 

"To know you have made a difference in this world and hopefully inspire others along the way to help define their own success and live it, is the best way I can define my own success" says Dr. Patel.

A simple man who cares about people and making the world a better place, with the uncomplicated philosophy that every day is another chance to be smarter, healthier, stronger and happier.

The Team

Natalie Rae, acupuncture


Natalie has been part of the team since 2004. She completed her Diploma of Acupuncture from Grant MacEwan College.


In addition, Natalie has completed further training in Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Advanced Auricular Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, acupuncture specific to women’s health, and numerous other topics. With careful consideration of all aspects of health (physical, mental and spiritual) unique plans are put into action based on each individual’s needs.

Before becoming an acupuncturist Natalie also completed a Diploma of Athletic Therapy from Mount Royal College and a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. This background has provided another dimension to her acupuncture treatments and has helped her work effectively in our clinic's multi-disciplinary approach to health care.

Scott Wilson, massage and athletic therapy


Scott has been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 20 years and a Certified Athletic Therapist for over 10 years. 

Scott's work has focused his career in rehabilitation. With his easy going sense of humour, an uncomplicated approach to health and very skilled hands, Scott has earned himself a solid reputation as a much sought after therapist. He combines several techniques to give the very best treatment to his clients and is very knowledgeable in rehab specific exercises to fix problems areas. Scott has expanded his resume by becoming part of the teaching faculty at Mount Royal University since 2013.

Kendra Weech, massage therapy


 Kendra was trained at the Foothills College of Massage Therapy in both Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. Kendra incorporates many techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Remedial Exercises, Rehabilitation Injuries, Assessments, Hold and Relax Stretching and Gait Analysis to give you a unique, effective treatment with lasting results. . 

Her main focus is Therapeutic treatments, Trigger Point Therapy with a happy balance between Myofascial Release and Relaxation.  She is especially talented with cervical (neck), scalp (head) and facial massage. Her continued training in other modalities such as Hot Stone Therapy, Connect the Dots Muscle, Nerves and Fascia and increased knowledge acquired over the years has helped her grow as a therapist. 

Kathy McMillan, massage therapy



Kathy is a 3000-Hour RMT graduate of MaKami College Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program. She is passionate about health and wellness with a focus in Therapeutic Massage, MVA, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Prenatal massage. 

Kathy also works at Makami College as in instructor teaching first year Practical Massage Therapy, and Osteology and Myology.

In her spare time you will find Kathy outdoors biking, hiking and being active with her three children.

Michelle Lynn Wick, mobile massage therapy


Need the convenience of our massage therapists coming to you? All the benefits of therapeutic treatment, expertise of care and in the private comfort of your home (or office)?   Michelle-Lynn Wick is a Registered Massage Therapist with over 19 years experience.  Appointments are typically one hour long therapeutic sessions, with rates starting at $85+ plus GST. Seniors, students, and those in need may be considered for a reduced rate, on a case by case basis. Longer appointments, group/family bookings etc are also available. 

For further inquiries, please email or call the clinic with your contact details and she will contact you directly with times available and to answer all your questions.