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Adjust Your Health

#218, 5809 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0J9, Canada


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Open Monday through Saturday

 Hours vary between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm depending on date and practitioner

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Price List


Effective July 1 2019

*subject to change without notice



Treatment by Dr. Patel (Active Release, Chiropractic, IMS/dry needling, Acupuncture)

New patient initial visit                                                             $ 110.00

Regular visit (all ages from 10 years & up)                             $ 70.00

Infant to 9 year old                                                                  no charge                            


Dr. Patel is fully authorized to treat both WCB and Motor Vehicle Accident patients, and both are welcome!   

Orthotics range from $350 (regular shoe orthotic) up to $600 for custom design summer sandals.


Massage (Scott, Kendra, Kathy)

* pricing includes GST

30 minute   $65.00

45 minute   $80.00

60 minute  $99.75

90 minute   $135.00

Athletic Therapy (Scott)

* pricing includes GST

30 minute   $65.00

45 minute   $80.00

60 minute  $99.75

Acupuncture (Natalie)

New patient initial visit                 $100.00

Adult regular visit                        $90.00-$100.00

Seniors (65+), FT students (ID required), under 18 and Expectant mothers  $75.00

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation  $100.00 

Adjust Your Health NORTH

The north location is independent but affiliated with the south location.


ROYAL OAK LOCATION is owned and operated by Dr. James MacIntyre.

#230, 15 Royal Vista Place

Calgary, Alberta T3R 0N2

p/   403-538-0539


(For a complete list of services and practitioners, please visit their website)